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Rick Bierbrauer
Hello,   Last year I did 6 Ag Exchange boxes with my 7th and 8th grade classes and it was great! I haven't seen a post for exchange boxes yet so I thought I would start one. I would like to do an exchange with 6 other agriculture programs across the country. If anyone is interested in doing an exchange with a program in WI please reply to

Jason Ince
This question was posted by a fellow teacher here in Southside Virginia. Can anyone help?   I've been recording some of the Modern Marvels for use in our ag program.  Does anyone already have worksheets/questions written up for any of them?  I plan to make worksheets for them, but I didn't want to reinvent the wheel if I didn't
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Amanda Taylor
I teach at a school that has a shop and greenhouse. Little information on the program. Currently I have about 50 9th gradhinkers split into 3 classes. We have a good size FFA chapter (80 members) which keep me pretty busy. But, even though we follow the curriculum and are very active in FFA, I fear people will think we aren't doing anything
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Rose Hartschuh
Would anyone be willing to share their FFA unit? Pieces and parts welcome.   I'm a first-year teacher, and I started half-way through the school year. The freshmen haven't had any exposure to FFA yet, and this is something I didn't teach during student teaching. Any help appreciated!