• Livestock Chains

    A livestock chain is (was): A. A special chain halter used to control unruly livestock when showing them. B. A pen pal type of program where FFA members in one chapter wrote letters describing their livestock projects...
    Gary E Moore
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  • Banquet Program

    Does anyone have a program they could share?
    Elly Stremsterfer
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  • Monthly Announcements

    Communities of Practice  Is currently being reworked/under renovation to make it more user friendly. Make sure to follow the Region IV Communities of Practice page for monthly updates, to find information in regarding...
    Deanna Thies
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  • Wiring Ladder Diagrams

    I am looking for resources for teaching Electrical Ladder diagrams, I have plenty of resources for wiring residential circuits. I would like to introduce ladder diagrams for electrical controls, as that is one area th...
    William Johnson
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  • Monday Morning Monitor -- 4/29/2019

        April 29, 2019Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the fut...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • I am looking to improve my officer application and interview process. What do you do for electing officers?

    I have attached my officer application students fill out. The students then are interviewed by a senior FFA member, two teachers, and some in the ag industry. #officerapplications #officerinterviews
    Randi Koehler
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  • FREE Proficiency Awards

    Hello Everyone, Banquet season is here! Did you know you can order FREE proficiency certificates and medals? Check it out on the Agricultural Proficiency Awards page (https://www.ffa.org/participate/awards/proficienci...
    Sara Colombe
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  • Region II Registration in St Francisville, LA

    Greetings to everyone,   I offer you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience with registration.  I really thought that I had added it to  CoP.  I do know that it has gone out to the State Leaders.  I will send it ...
    Libby Duncan
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  • General Livestock judging

    Does anyone use judging101.com for a livestock judging resource? I have been trying to figure out how to actually subscribe to it. Other good (cheap) resources?
    Maria Funk
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  • Ruminants. -2.pdf

    Area: Animal Science Length of Lesson: 45 Minutes Learning Objectives:  Upon completion of class instruction, students will be able to... Identify the parts of the ruminant digestive system Create a model of a ru...
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  • 2019 Region III Conference

    2019 Region III Flyer 2019 Region III Conference Schedule 2019 Region III Conference Registration Conference Contact: Karen Roudabush Bridgewater-Emery High School Agriculture Instructor/FFA Advisor SDAAE President 1...
    Libby Duncan
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  • Schedule_Region_III_Conference_2019.pdf

    Libby Duncan
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  • Region_III_Flyer_2019.pdf

    Libby Duncan
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  • Teaching Breeds

    I was wondering if anyone had any materials they would like to share when they teach the different breeds and industry's of Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, and Dairy to their students.  I am looking for more than just ID d...
    John Heiser
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  • The FFA Pilgrimage to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Last week we celebrated the birthday of Booker T. Washington by featuring him in the Friday Footnote. This week we are celebrating the birthday of another prominent American with strong ties to agriculture. That perso...
    Gary E Moore
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  • Monday Morning Monitor -- 4/22/2019

        April 22, 2019Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the fut...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Food Pres Canning Lab.docx

    #PSU_BEST_LESSON Area: Food Preservation Unit Title: How do I home can? Length: 45 minutes Objectives:List all steps to the canning process to 100% accuracy; Can green beans to 100% accuracy. Target Audience; Ag ...
    Sara Lang
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  • Stauffer_Final_Reflection

      15 Weeks. 6 classes. Over 50 student reached.   The past 15 weeks, I have been over 100 miles away from home, in a different state, living with strangers who have become family. The past 15 weeks, I was transformed ...
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  • Stauffer_Best_Lesson

    Area: Intro to Agriscience  Audience: 9th Grade Students Lesson Title: What are the 6 essential nutrients and how do they effect the body?  Length of Lesson: 56 minutes  Learning Objectives:  Critique pet foods to...
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  • Final Thought on Student Teaching!

    My time at Pequea Valley High School has come to an end. The past 15 weeks have been a journey with student teaching! I had the privilege to work with two amazing teachers, Doug Masser, and Jasmine VanSant. I have lea...
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