• Middle School Application Process

    We are starting a middle school program next year and needing some information.  We have 2 high school programs in the county and will have 3 middle schools with an 8th grade program next year.  The 8th graders will b...
    Aaron Tucker
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  • Monthly Announcements

    I hope everyone had uneventful and successful trips to National FFA Convention.  Congrats to Region IV members who received their Honorary American Degree or had students recognized for agriscience fair, proficiencies...
    Deanna Thies
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  • Viticulture Class?

    Starting a viticulture class this year. I am familiar with plant science and some basics of viticulture but looking to see what others do for a course outline. Power points/worksheets would be greatly appreciated!
    Russell Zimmerman
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  • Equine Unit-Link Edited

    I have an Equine Unit that I'm willing to share. If you click on the link, it will load in google drive and you can download the entire file or move to your own google drive account. It includes several items, but thi...
    Carlee Dittemore
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  • Making It- Edited

    Editing with ideas for Authentic Audience.
    Whitney Landman
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  • The White City

    Note: This is the Friday Footnote for 11/1/2019. It is being posted early because I will be involved in some International travel during the next month and might not have reliable Internet access.  This is the time of...
    Gary E Moore
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  • Monday Morning Monitor-- 10/21/2019

    October 21, 2019Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the future of school-base...
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • Curriculum Information for Introduction to Agribusiness Course

    This is the curriculum used for the Dual Enrollment, Introduction to Agribusiness course offered in Pennsylvania through Harrisburg Area Community College.   There are a lot of documents, so I will post the informati...
    Sherisa Nailor
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  • Good luck to those competing at National FFA Convention!

    As the National FFA Convention rounds the corner we continue to prepare for our travels. Whether you are taking students to indulge in the great event or are taking students to compete on this prestigious level, you w...
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • The Farm Bureau - Part III - Today's Farm Bureau

    Earlier this week I spoke to the Osher Institute for Lifelong Learning on the topic “How Boy’s Corn Clubs and Girl’s Tomato Clubs Changed Rural America.” After my presentation, I was approached by a person who h...
    Gary E Moore
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  • Is memorizing the creed required for the Greenhand Degree?

    The requirments for the Greenhand degree say "learn and explain the meaning of the creed". Does that mean memorize and recite to get the Greenhand degree?
    Victor Noble
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  • New Teacher News -- October 2019

      Totally Acceptable. . . .  To stop by the National Teach Ag booth (#1471) at National FFA Convention to meet this year's Teach Ag Ambassadors and participate in our activity to earn some great Teach Ag ...
    Andrea Fristoe
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  • Catching Up

    Hi Everyone .   I hope everyone had a great 1st quarter and are excited to for the opportunities that you will present to your students during the 2nd quarter.  For those of you traveling to the National FFA Conventi...
    Todd N. Thomas
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  • Greenhouses in the winter

    Anyone have a list of creative things to do in a greenhouse during winter months? Located in Oklahoma, the greenhouse was not completed until a week ago so all the plans I had for things like Poinsettias are not going...
    Jennifer Hamlin
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  • Inclusion, Diversity and Equity Workshops at the 2019 National FFA Convention

    As part of the ongoing commitment and collaboration between NAAE and National FFA, attend one of the teacher or student workshops aimed at building cultural competency and creating inclusive spaces put on by Millenniu...
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • Congratulations to the 2018 Teachers Turn the Key Award Winners

    The beginning of anyone's career can sometimes seem like a daunting and impossible to avoid venture. For budding agriculture teachers it is no different. For these beginning teachers in their second to fourth year of ...
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • Washington Beat-- October

    What can you do at National FFA Convention to advocate for your program? 
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • NAAE My Local Cooperative Instructional Modules

    The National Association of Agricultural Educators are working in partnership with the CHS Foundation to offer engaging and inquiry based instructional materials that have everything you need to deliver quality instru...
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  • Task2_3Community_Values_Detailed_Guide.pdf

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  • Task2_2Co_Opportunities_Detailed Guide.pdf

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