• What is FFA?- Lesson Plan

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  • Ch 7 Reflection Questions

    Reflection was stressed greatly in this chapter of Making Learning Magical. Kolb's Learning Cycle, a popular educational theory, includes four cyclical steps that seem to mirror Tisha's ideas:        Being able to ...
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  • One of our Region II Teachers

    Greetings Region II Ag-Ed/FFA Instructors.   You may have already heard but Mr. James Cannon from Arkansas is ill and in the hospital.  I received the following information from Jay Jackman today.  I believe that pra...
    Todd N. Thomas
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  • Authentic Audience-Srp

    1) Whom could you invite into the classroom as part of an authentic audience for your students?   Being that im looking at Ag Business and live in a small town, I might try to bring in local business people to talk a...
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  • Lloyd Gamification 2019.docx

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  • Chapter 7

    Chapter 7 attachment 
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  • Assignment 1: Ch. 1-3 Reflection

    1) What are some pop culture themes, or television concepts (game shows, series, etc) that you can layer over your curriculum to make the content come to life in a way that is relevant to your students?   2) What kin...
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  • Region VI Minutes NAAE Convention 2018

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  • Memorable Beginnings - VBC 2019

    Growing up, one of my favorite movies was the Wizard of Oz. I was so enthralled by the Land of Oz – the elaborate outfits, the vibrant colors, the enchanting characters…One of my favorite parts of the movie was...
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  • Authentic Audiences

    Towards the end of the document includes my Chapter 7 reflection questions.
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  • Knowlton's Revised Creativity, Collaboration, and Curiosity.docx

    I have added to this document several opportunities for students to interact with local florists, both in formal and informal situations.  I have also added the key piece of floral design- reflection on the designs yo...
    Bethany Knowlton
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  • Ch 5 & 6 Reflection Questions

    These questions are to help guide you in your assignment for chapters 5 and 6. You don't have to answer all of them if you don't feel they pertain to your lesson/unit.   What are some ways that you have used technolo...
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  • Gamification Lacross

    What is a lesson plan that you have been wanting to take time to renovate/innovate? I have been utilizing the Herbs and Spice Lesson plan from National Ag in the classroom for a year and I have really wanted to make i...
    Pebbles Lacross
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  • A Corn Crib in Illinois

    For the past month or so the Friday Footnote has focused on FFA and World War II. We have at least three more Footnotes on that topic to publish, but I have decided to deviate from the publishing schedule and “R...
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  • Gamification Chapter 4.pdf

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  • Announcements & Timeline

    Assignment Tracker is now up to date as of 7.2.19.   Timeline for activities: The links are clickable when the assignments are available. Date Reading Activity Discussions    Read Ch. 1-3     Memorable Beginn...
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  • Authentic Audience

    Real. Honest. Genuine. Legitimate. Meaningful.   Authenticity is a vital component of an effective classroom, for all parties involved. We encourage our students to find and express their true selves, we attempt to b...
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  • Monday Morning Monitor-- 7/17/2019

    July 15, 2019Vision The Council creates an intentional direction for the Agricultural Education Model by: Connecting Leaders Fostering Collaboration Driving Action MissionThe Council leads the future of school-based a...
    Sabrina Shaver
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  • Skills Performance Project Final

    Skill proficiency and performance is critical to animal industries, particularly veterinary science.  With this activity students can showcase a skill they excel in.  I use this in my Veterinary Science, Animal Scienc...
    Kristin Sheehan
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  • The Steaks are High

    The "Steaks are High" is an online game by the beef checkoff program.  I created this lesson to bring relevance to different cattle operations and how they are used in the online game.  Students will calculate have to...
    Kristin Sheehan
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