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Discussion created by Mary Katherine on May 18, 2015
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I am completing my third year teaching agriculture, but my first year teaching Middle School Agriscience as an exploratory. My resources are low, and I'm in charge of two programs at two local schools. I've become very complacent lately with my teaching. I need some fresh ideas, good things appropriate for middle school especially 7th and 8th grade. I'd rather be more of a hands on class, but experiments are not my thing, rather labs, activities and projects.

I do not have a shop and have a short rotation between classes.

6th graders are on a 6 week rotation

7th graders are on a 9 week rotation

8th graders are on a 12 week rotation.


Any ideas and lesson plans that could help?

Main areas of weakness are Natural Resources and Technology in Agriculture.


Thanks in Advance