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School Greenhouse Production Schedule

Question asked by Jonathan on Apr 23, 2015
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I'm part of a group of science educators working to revive my school's greenhouse program.  We successfully transformed our old greenhouse from a storage room to a nicely equipped production space this year, but are very interested in ramping-up our program next year.  Would anyone be able to give me an idea of what your program (or other programs) are doing month-to-month? What are the big activities?  How are you making use of your greenhouse in winter?  Sorry if these questions are really simple...I grew up in the suburbs and never had an opportunity to learn about hort or ag mechanics until later in life.

Note: Our program exists solely as a club at the moment, but could become a class with the right kind of curriculum development and increased student interest. 

Thank you for considering my request.  I'm pretty excited about developing a rich calendar of activities and lessons for next year!

Jonathan Schlesinger