Julie Fritsch

What Do You Need to Teach Students About Becoming Farmers?

Discussion created by Julie Fritsch on Apr 15, 2015

We have a unique opportunity to ask for exactly what kinds of resources we'd like to have available as the USDA New and Beginning Farmers and Ranchers program revamps its website. Here's the question they'd like you to answer:

USDA is hoping to develop a youth serving section on www.usda.gov/newfarmers, as part of our enhancement of the site.  In this youth section, we want to talk about STEM, opportunities in agriculture, and how to get connected as a student.  Are there specific items that you and your colleagues would recommend we consider as we review options for this offering?

Reply below to let them know what would be useful? Lesson plans? Video clips? Certain technical content or data? Whatever you'd love to have at your fingertips when you talk to your students about becoming farmers, put that down.  We'll pass the information along, and help USDA create a resource that will be useful to everyone.