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Lines Only Ag Teachers Hear (or Say)

Discussion created by Charity McMullen on Apr 11, 2015
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Hello, I am a Senior Ag Ed major. I just received an assignment to write and article for a Ag Ed magazine. The main audience will be Ag Teachers. My article is going to be titled Top 5 lines only an Ag teacher will hear or say. Just finishing my student teaching experience we all know that Ag Teachers hear or say many lines that only are said and understood in the Ag classroom. Such as Ms. McMullen can I eat these cows ovaries now?  (relating to a edible reproduction tract activity)  If you are willing to help me and send me or post to me, a line that you have personally have said or heard from being an Ag teacher. And what that line relates to. I want this article to be real, information from real Ag teachers. Thanks