Kim Hill

Students Keeping Their Trip Commitments

Discussion created by Kim Hill on Mar 12, 2015
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This year I have had some great students go through my FFA program. However, one area that we need to improve on is the students keeping their commitments to trips. For example, I will have many students sign up to attend a field trip, contest, or activity, (some free, some we have to pay), and then wait until the last minute and back out. Its hard on the FFA pocketbook when you have to pay for a bus, driver and fuel, plus the registration fee for them to attend. Does anyone have a good system they use for FFA trips that holds the kids responsible?


The majority of these students do a great job selling fundraising items for the chapter. In a way, they have earned their way to go on the trip be helping the chapter raise funds, but we are also losing that money when we paid for them to go and then they don't.


Any suggestions would be welcome.