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Great Natural Resources and Community Service idea

Discussion created by Brian Tomlinson on Mar 12, 2015

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I ran across this idea from my alma mater, the University of Georgia.  A group of UGA animal advocacy students traveled to Charleston, SC for their spring break trip. However, when they hit the coast it was for community service work.  The students bagged old oyster shells into mesh bags.  The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources plants these bags of shells in prime oyster breeding areas to create more habitat for new oysters.  The oyster larvae prefer to locate an adult oyster shell to which they attach and grow.  I know of several chapters who take their officers on a retreat to plan the next school year and they are always looking to get to the coast and have a team building activity.  Even if your state is land locked, check with your state DNR and see if there are similar projects your leadership team can participate in or be a part of to give your students another experience that they won't get in any of their other classes.


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