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Officer Commitment Issues?

Discussion created by Rachael Stecklein on Feb 26, 2015
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This may be a lack of relaxation and vitamin D induced rant but I am looking for some feedback to a serious concern of mine....officer commitment and follow-through. Multiple times this school year, officers have said they were going to do something and then they just simply did not do it and didn't have a single excuse to even defend themselves. I avoid confrontation in the hope of not scaring them away completely so I have the calm conversation- Would this be acceptable in a career setting? Do you realize others are counting on you? How are you managing your time? What can you do differently next time?


I am so sick of this conversation. Then I ask myself a million questions to address this issue- Is it because we are only a second year chapter? Do students still not understand FFA? Do they not see the benefits? Am I not pushing them enough? Am I pushing them too much?


I am also a second year teacher, who started the program back up after 60 years. I am looking for some advice or evidence I am not the only one facing this issue. Especially as we enter the officer election process for the next year I am looking for any advice or dare I say it....consequences? Or other strategies. I am the first to admit we have so many places to grow and strive for as a program amongst our other many successes.


Thanks in advance for any feedback!