Nina Crutchfield

How do you STEM?

Discussion created by Nina Crutchfield on Jan 20, 2015

Whether you prefer STEM or STEAM (inserting Agriculture into the acronym) it is an educational initiative that is not going away. So it begs the question, ?How do you STEM?? What are you doing in your classroom that infuses science, technology, engineering, and math into what you teach every day? It is not longer enough to teach the things we learned from our ag teachers, lessons like how to tell the difference between a Brown Swiss and a Jersey, how deep to plant tomato seedlings, or how to run a bead on a piece of metal stock. Students have got to understand the how, the why, and the far reaching implications of those simpler lessons. So how are you doing it? What techniques do you use? Where do you get your inspiration, ideas, and lessons? I know there is a separate community for STEM topics but the topic bares discussing with this issue of Advisors Making a Difference. If you are a loyal poster in the STEM community please cross over and strengthen this topic for those who are not. If you have not found that community yet, please start by answering the simple question "How do you STEM?" before you jump over there.