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    Food Safety activities?

    Carlie Bossard Hero

      Does anyone have some ideas for quick and simple food safety activities? I want to do a 'round robin' type of activity where students go around the class and complete different activities relating to food science, roughly 5 min per station. I had a few ideas like looking at pictures and identifying food safety violations and using glow germ for hand washing. Anyone else have something I could use?




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          Brian Tomlinson Top CoP

          Hey Carlie -


          At one station you could have several common food items: 

          • open jar of mayonnaise
          • bowl of uncracked eggs
          • old pizza slices
          • zip lock bag of meat (sausage patties, ground beef, or ...)
          • some cheese with mold on it.

          Each of these 5 common food items has a brief scenario of your choice such as: 

          • you found the jar on the counter this morning
          • your neighbor brought you freshly laid eggs just before lunch yesterday
          • you visit your brother at college and he offers you some pizza sitting on the table from maybe last night
          • your parents set this meat out to thaw after lunch today so it would be ready for dinner
          • you grab the cheese from the refrigerator to slice onto some crackers

          As the group rotates to that station they have the 5 minutes to decide if they should keep each item or throw it out.  Money is tight so you don't want to waste food, but you don't want to get sick either.  For each answer they need to provide food safety practices that support their decision.  You could also include items like: lunch meat that smells off, Chinese food in the refrigerator but not in a sealed container from 7 days ago, or an open glass jar of blackberry jelly with some fuzz on top.  The idea is to incorporate common items and circumstances that occur in every house and provide the food safety practices to support each situation.  I suspect you'll get some good stories of what your students did or did not eat when they faced this situation in the past.


          Good luck,


          Brian Tomlinson