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Intro to Agriculture Class

Discussion created by Calandria Jarboe on Nov 18, 2014
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So to make a long story short I have an Intro to Agriculture Class that only has two students. Both are pretty quiet so it's been kind of a boring semester so far since there isn't much discussion and activities are kinda quiet. My question is one of the students seems to think that because I have found curriculum online and I am using it in my teaching that I am a horrible teacher and that I will be fired. He has caused some problems before (he thought a livestock showing event he went to should count as FFA points for the end of the year trip and repeatedly asked me to include it then eventually went to the principal to try to get him to make me include it) and he complains that our FFA chapter doesn't do anything when the truth is that he hasn't done anything. How should I handle this situation? I did earlier in the semester rely on some of the videos and curriculum from the iCEV website because I didn't have enough time to plan for everyone of my classes and at least one of the two was gone multiple times a week so the projects were lifesavers. I know it is toward the end of the semester and we are all getting ready to be on a break, but we do have to deal with each other for the next couple weeks.