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Alternative Labs

Question asked by Becky Carollo on Nov 12, 2014

Not sure this is the right place to post but I have a question involving alternative labs.


Long story short I have a couple of freshman that have signed a safety contract saying they will be safe, no horseplay  and if they don't follow the rules they may get a zero, loss of credit, etc. The problem is their behavior is so out of control that they can't handle being in class in general.

I have been doing my part with documenting the issues, providing interventions, trying various discipline methods, parent contacts (multiple) and they are still an issue.

I have been sending them to the office and out in the hall when they are being disruptive and not getting much support from admin.The students don't care to be in class in the first place.

I was told today after I sent 4 kids out in the hallway for horseplay that I needed to provide the students an "alternative step by step" assignment if they are unable to do labs.

So besides writing all the definitions out of a book does anyone else have any suggestions or packets that they could send me? :-) Thanks!