Jessica Froelich

What does discipline LOOK like?

Discussion created by Jessica Froelich on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2014 by Amanda Hoover

Maybe it's my positive upbeat nature, perhaps my soft voice, then again it could also be I don't know what discipline looks like. Honestly, I wasn't a perfect angel, but I don't recall ever having serious discussions with my teachers and I know that I was never sent to the office.


That said, I have one hour of the day that is my kryptonite. Things that have worked for most other situations are failing miserably with this tough group. What I am looking for is a site or a set of videos where I can see what disciplinary actions look like in action. What do those serious conversations sound like? How does another teacher react to consistent interruptions? What do others do to put a stop to side conversations? If I could go back in time, I would have video taped my observations.


This may be the group that makes me a pro or makes me seek other options!