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Landscape projects for winter

Discussion created by Jennifer Steffy on Oct 20, 2014
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Needing ideas for my landscape management class. First off my school WILL NOT let me maintain the existing landscape. I was needing a few ideas for projects.

     We have already learned.....

          1. Tools for drawing and measuring

          2. Symbols and shapes of landscape materials (plants, hardscapes, lettering)

          3. Interviews with clients

          4. Outdoor Room

          5. Plant Selection

          6. Color and texture


We have already did 2 big projects. 1. Interview a teacher and complete a design of  landscaping around the school

                                                       2. Scale down and draw your house and landscape it.


We do not have a good quality greenhouse to plant plants through the winter. So it will have to be classroom stuff.


Here are my ideas.

1. Flower Bouquet Arrangements (but only 4 girls and 19 boys, so it probably wont go to well)


2. "Build a Landscape" out of materials (popsicle sticks etc..) Make is 3D

3. Free Online Landscaping and Architecture Website. They would have to build a house and do the landscaping. (If you know a good FREE ONLINE Website please let me know.)


Thanks for any help,