Nina Crutchfield

Are SAEs for career preparation or agricultural literacy?

Discussion created by Nina Crutchfield on Sep 15, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by Chaney Mosley

Now, there is something to ponder.


What is our goal when engaging students in SAEs? Do we really want students to gain valuable work experience that makes them more desirable in the workforce? If so, what workforce are we preparing them for? I hear time and again from teachers, "Most of my kids are not going to get a job in agriculture."


So, is the real goal of SAEs, and anything in agricultural education for that matter, to create an agriculture-literate population, not an agricultural workforce?


Think carefully before you answer, because most of the funding you receive is built on the premise that agricultural education programs are training future workers for high-skilled, high-paying, in-demand jobs.


Are we taking money to teach something valuable, but not employable?


Have we switched our focus so far from the actual industry of producing food and fiber to accommodate the plethora of student interests that we have resigned ourselves to just making students aware of where their food comes from?


Thoughts? Comments? Sticks and stones?