Defiant Student

Discussion created by Kelli on Sep 11, 2014
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I am a first-year, fresh-out-of-college, female, agriculture teacher. I teach an 8th Grade exploratory class where I have one half of the class for the first semester and the second half the second semester.


I have a student who is a constant headache. He vocally expresses his dislike for the class and constantly tests my patience. I know that yelling at him will do no good so I try to keep my cool with him. I have given him a detention for back-talk which he will serve in my room during lunch. I hope to get to know him and figure out a plan for a happy classroom, I'm not holding my breath though. The day after he received a detention I told him to put all four chair legs on the floor, his reply was, "What are you going to do? Give me another detention?" I told him if he kept up the back talk he could go to the principal (judging by his reaction that isn't a threat either). He settled down for the rest of the class period after that but still made snide comments.


My administration and fellow teachers have the same problem with him and are aware of his actions and attitude in the classroom. How can I address him and manage this behavior without sending him to the office or giving him a detention every day? There has to be a way!


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!