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I don't know if I am the only one, but I am always on Pinterest looking for ideas on how to make my classroom more appealing and organized.  Whenever I am on there I see tons of elementary schools and little high school, let alone I never see Ag teachers, so I thought I would share my ideas for anyone who was interested. 


The picture below is what I keep my Ag binders on. The binders I provide for the students each year and reuse them from year to year.  Inside the binder I have 8 tab divider and each class has different tab labels based on the subjects I cover throughout the year.  The binder holder rotates around, I purchased it through Bindertek (I think this is the company). I have them label the side and front cover with their name and period. 

photo (23).JPG

The picture below is my storage cabinets.  I label these with what I have inside.  I also have clear plastic totes sitting on the counter.  I have a plastic tote for every single subject area (I store these in my storage room).  In the plastic tote it has everything I need for that unit (all papers, labs, activity supplies, etc).  The green tote I put dividers in there and I separated out construction paper by colors. 

photo (21).JPG

The picture below is my bulletin board.  On the bulletin board I put the current months FFA activities.  I also put any sign up sheets for FFA events on the bottom of the board.  I have a class schedule to the left of the bulletin board.  Around the clock I put the saying, "Time will pass, will you?" using Dollar Tree wall decals. 

photo (30).JPG

The picture below is my front white board.  I put my learning targets with "I can" statements up front for the students to see. 

photo (29).JPG

The picture below is my back white board I have on the far left a yellow poster that says "what stuck with you today?"  This is where i can pose questions to the students about what we did that day and they write it on a sticky note and put it on the board under the sign.  I also have the scientific method order posters on the wall.  I use the rest of the white board for writing notes for the students (currently it is letting students know who hasn't turned in their syllabus and EMF). 

photo (28).JPG

The picture below is my school supplies.  I got this idea off pinterest and went to Lowes and bought a bin.  I then labeled it (using free labels from Teachers payTeachers) and filled it will my supplies.  I also have a bucket of stamps I use on students papers. 

photo (26).JPG

The picture below is what I put each classes graded papers in.  It lets me know when I need to hand back stuff or hold on to it if someone isn't done yet.

photo (25).JPG

The picture below is the school supplies that the students have access to.  I have everything labeled and every kind of supply we would ever need.  I also put pencils with duct tape around the top with my name on it for students who need to borrow a pencil.  I also have my absent binder front and center with dividers for each class inside.

photo (24).JPG

The picture below is my seating chart design.  Pretty basic, horseshoe with two rows in the middle. 

photo (22).JPG

The picture below is my table with misc items.  I have on the left a container for each class that I put all extra papers for when students loose their copy.  I have a green tote with printing paper.  I also have my substitute binder if I need to grab it.  I have 4 pencil totes that are labeled with- CDE pencils, Red grading pens, Black sharpies, blue sharpies.  The little green tote has masking tape in it.  I have a cork board in the back where I put pictures that former students have given me. 

photo (20).JPG

The picture below is my Mon-Fri organizer.  I have all the copies for each day run off and I put them in the corresponding container.   The black plastic container with yellow labels, this is where I put each classes papers that need to be  graded at. On top of that is where I put our BINGO candy. We play BINGO a lot to help review with students. 

photo (19).JPG

The picture below is a general picture of what my teacher desk looks like.  I hot glued fabric around the desk to add color and hide the bottom of my desk.  The yellow bin on the corner of my desk is where the students always turn in all papers. 

photo (18).JPG

The picture below is on my side wall.  I have each class and the days of the week.  I put what we are doing each day up for when kids are always asking what are we doing today.  I have on the right white board panel all the up coming FFA events.  Then on the far right is all of our chapter FFA officers picture and office.  I hot glued ribbon to the white board. 

photo (17).JPG

I hope this might help someone out.  Hope you are all having a great school year.