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Classroom Organization- Teaching Binder

Discussion created by Sarah Reynolds on Sep 4, 2014
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Every summer when school starts back I try to get organized and make my classroom look organized and inviting.  I spend hours on Pinterest looking up ideas.  I wanted to share the result of all my searching.  Maybe my post might help you out or give you new ideas.  I will try to explain in detail what each picture is showing.  This post is all about my Teaching Binder:


The picture is showing you my Teaching binder that I created this year.  I use this for my day to day activities.  The pictures to come will show and explain in detail.  I bought the binder at Target and found the binder cover and side sheet on a free Teachers pay Teachers labels.

photo (12).JPG

The picture below is what my teaching binder looks like inside.  I have a pencil case that I keep a red pen, blue pen, black pen, highlighter, pencil, and a jump drive.  I also got a 5- tab divider that I  labeled- Lesson plans, Calendar, grades, To Do, and Class Lists.  I bought both at Target. 

photo (27).JPG

The picture below is inside my teaching binder.  My first tab is my teaching binder.  It is my lesson plans.  I have a word document I use to type all my lesson plans off and put them in my binder.  This allows quick access to remind me what's going on and what's coming up in lessons.

photo (13).JPG

The picture below is our chapter FFA calendar.  I print off the whole year calendar and give it to every FFA student at the beginning of the year.  I have this as my second tab so I can remember what FFA events are coming up.

photo (32).JPG

The picture below is my Grades tab.  I like to have a paper copy of them just in case, but also so I can write them down and then enter them online when I have time.  I also highlight the grade after I enter it so that when I inevitably have students turn things in late I can remember to enter that grade because it won't be highlighted. 

photo (14).JPG

The picture below is my To Do tab.  I update it every week with a day to day list of everything I need to get done.  I also put under this tab a list of my IEP students and my students addresses so I can send home "Student Success" cards.

photo (15).JPG

The picture below is my Class Lists.  I put my seating chart for each class here so I can easily take attendance and it is great for when substitute teachers are here.

photo (16).JPG

I hope this might help people who are looking for ideas to organize.  I will have another post soon on how I organize/decorate my classroom.