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Missouri Area III Teaching Ideas

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Area 3 Missouri Ag Teacher's Teaching Ideas

August 27, 2014

Marceline High School


Technology Websites:

Kahoot! | Game-based blended learning & classroom response system: with this system you can create very short quizzes for your students to take and compete against each other the be the 5 fastest in class.


Text message (SMS) polls and voting, audience response system | Poll Everywhere:a system you can use to poll your students quickly could be used as a bell ringer or exit slip.


Free Website Builder | Create a Free Website | WIX.com really good website builder (could use your Ag Communication class to create the website and then the students could vote on the best one)


FFA Chapter Ideas

1. Have your FFA Treasure keep a record book of the chapters expenses and receipts. This works well because of the easy for students to understand the system.

2. Schedule a Field Trip with a local farm and have it be a work day. The example given students went to a swine farm and vaccinated pigs for 10 hours as cheap labor but the farm gave a donation for them to go on a trip.

3. Have students write a thankyou letter


Classroom Ideas

Give a Vocab quiz as a bell ringer, similar to the English teachers quiz each day at the start of class


Teach students how to fill out an envelope correctly or give an address test. Some suggested have students address an envelope to their home for an upcoming FFA newsletter


Grasslands works well in Ag Science II, Animal Science, or Plant Science. Just pick 4 weeds a day to show the students and keep adding to the group each day so the students learn many different plants from the contest. You will see students interest peak as the start looking at the weeds in their own yards.


Ag Construction

Build Fence Panels 20ft x 4ft out of steel.

Create a step by step list for the torch and check off if the students have Mastered each step before they may use the torch.

Build Landscape Timber Bowl Planters and fill with plants from the Greenhouse to sell

Ag Science II

Intro to Communication could be having the students explain the steps in making Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Ag Science I

Use a Rubric when grading the creed to show words which are missed and points earned for each paragraph.

During the FFA Leadership section have students write a report on a famous Leader and make a poster. Then set all of the posters out and have the students put them in order.

Youtube videos to show: 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes - YouTube and Famous Failures - YouTube

Have students Create a parody about agriculture



Student Bug Wars. Have them write down the defense mechanisms and features that allow it to be powerful for each bug.

Each students is assigned a different insect from the Entomology CDE. They make an information page and a picture page to build the "_________(school) Entomology Dictionary"

Have students create a bug profile


Junior High

Play Go Fish with cards about identification such as vegetables, breeds of animals, etc.

Build raised garden beds and grown tomatoes and cucumbers. Each day the students pick the produce and record on a chart the pounds they have harvested

Teach students the proper way to write a check with steps, Case Study (print check book on colored paper),  balancing a check book, and reconciling bank statement



Use stuffed animal and term cards to review medical terminology


Animal Science

When teaching terms tape a term to the back of students and they can only ask yes/no questions to the other students until they figure out what the term says

Sort by Species: create name tags for each of the students, they must sort themselves by species.


Ag Communication

Compare the unrest in Ferguson Missouri to the unrest in Egypt or Iraq, explain how there is a need for Leadership. Could also compare media coverage and creditable media biased