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    Chick Nutrition Feeding lab

    Dawn Baker Mentor

      I have found a couple of good attachments for the Chick feeding lab, but I would like a few suggestions please. We hatched 8 chicks yesterday so those will be my trials. The thing I'm struggling with is that I have 2 classes that will be doing the trial. Do I need to divide them up into classes, or do do you think the results will be ok to have both  classes work with the same groups?

      I'm still trying to determine the best feed rations and how to divide them.. 4 groups of 2? or 2 groups of 4? Chick Starter, corn meal, meat bird feed, and or game bird? Has anyone done this with good results?

      One example trial was mixing an 8% protein(corn meal and chick starter) feed and then a 24% protein feed(chick starter and game bird).

      If you have any more worksheets or information, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks!

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          Gina Neff Top CoP

          I would suggest larger groups, in case you have any that pass away. 


          My students have choosen to do agriscience fair projects on this, I have never done it as a class.  The varieties that they have come up with were: reg feed vs. medicalted feed, feed with a veggie supplement, and then chick grower/finisher vs. an egg layer feed.


          I would suggest that you go through a bag of starter with all the chicks and then start your feed trial after that.  That is how I have had my ag science fair kiddos do that before.  We just purchase a 50lb bag of start and  once it is gone, start your feed trial.