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2014 Agriculture Assessment - FFA Week Activity

Discussion created by Jason Larison on Feb 19, 2014
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One of our FFA Activities in the Ag Literacy area is to have every student grades 6-12, plus faculty and staff take an agriculture awareness assessment on quia.com.  We will recognize every one of our students school wide that "Meats" Standards with a meat stick next week.  We also share this out in our community to supporters, parents, and alumni to take and post those results on our chapter facebook page.  Questions share more information once the person submits the question too, so it can be a learning experience for anyone that takes it, at least we hope. 


You are welcome to take it yourself and if you would like have a class or group of students try it too, you are sure welcome.  The link is below.  Our crew made a strong effort to have it show the diversity of the agriculture industry and show some applied science and academic connections too.  If you see it out on facebook or twitter, please help share and pass along.  Kids set a goal of 300 people to take it outside of school.  If we can get this circulating in Ag Ed circles around the country, I would love to see a number come back to completely blow their minds.


Holton FFA Ag Assessment - Community Version



For anyone with a quia account, you should be able to copy it into your own account and then edit the couple of Holton specific questions to your own program or substitute with something else if you wish.


Happy FFA Week!