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Farmed and Dangerous

Discussion created by Ryan McMichael on Feb 18, 2014
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Farmed and Dangerous | Chipotle Original Series


From what I can tell, the first episode was released just yesterday. I only noticed it because it was the first video advertised on my Hulu account. I have a Hulu Plus account, so I am not sure if you can watch it for free or not on hulu.com. I would venture to guess that you can. It is supposed to be a four-part series, with a new episode released on Mondays.


While it is clearly meant to be a comedy, it contains several undertones about about the "bad" of conventional farming that Chipotle has used in their past commercials and video game.


It it to does contain some inappropriate language, so I suggest screening before showing it to students. It is nothing too absurd, but depending on school policy may not be able to show.


While I don't agree with Chipolte's views, they are creative in marketing their brand. It is just sad to think that many in the United States without agricultural backgrounds will see this as the "truth" behind production agriculture's practices.