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Desperate Need of Welding Help!

Question asked by Hailey on Feb 10, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2014 by Vay Jensen

I am at a loss of how to manage my Ag Mechanics class. I have having a hard time how to gauge how long it should take students to complete a welding sheet. Currently I have them do the welds attached, but then I have spoken with industry welders and they have told me to take some of them off (which i have) I am wondering if I should continue with the welding sheet I have (which has taken kids almost 2 terms, partly because of laziness/ boredom) or find a short simpler way to teach them the concepts so they don't get bored with welding on coupons. I know its important for them to practice, but they just lose motivation. I am looking for the following information:


-  shorter welding check off sheet

- motivation tips

- how long should it take for an average student to learn how to stick, mig, and oxy-fuel weld.


Its half way through 3rd term and I haven't even started covering plumbing or small engines which is in my curriculum. PLEASE HELP!!