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        Great lesson/resources and just in time! I am staring this unit this week. =)

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          Deb Seibert Champion

          Sheep Safety and Quality Assurance

          Thank you for contacting ASI.  There is an SSQA course on our website that is built so that students can gain level 1 certification without having a certified trainer.  Once students have passed the test at the end, they are given the opportunity to provide their contact information and ask for an SSQA certificate (which we recommend). 

          We’ve held several schools over the years for trainers and reviewers (auditors) and unfortunately there haven’t been enough folks certified so that trainer availability is not as convenient as we’d like.  When there is sufficient interest to hold another trainer school we’ll announce it in our newsletter and monthly magazine and we hope you will be able to attend.


          Best wishes and let us know if you have other questions.

          Paul Rodgers

          info@sheepusa.org [mailto:info@sheepusa.org]

          SSQA Training Accessible Online

          March 5, 2010

          You can now become Sheep Safety and Quality Assurance (SSQA) Level 1 certified from the comfort of your own home. The American Sheep Industry Association (ASI) just released the newly developed online version of this training, and it is available at www.sheepusa.org by clicking on "Online Education."

          "The American sheep industry has a long history of producing a quality product," commented Glen Fisher, ASI president. "The SSQA course is a valuable tool for producers to use to demonstrate their commitment to this goal."

          Consumers are increasingly concerned about the safety of the food they eat as well as the quality of the product they buy. The SSQA program has been developed to ensure that consumer products generated by the U.S. sheep industry are safe and of the highest possible quality.

          The Level 1 training is designed to educate producers on the basics of assuring safety and quality in American lamb products, to describe and define the safety and quality guidelines and to assure that producers understand the concepts and reasoning behind the development of the guidelines and the importance of their implementation.

          At the conclusion of the training, participants complete the assessment and mail the results to ASI to be added to the growing list of producers who believe that producing safe and high quality lamb is of the utmost importance.


          Additional Sheep Educational Resources:

          Sign up for a VERY Informative Monthly Newsletter/Blog from Susan Schoenian University of Maryland Sheep and Goat Extension Specialist about the Sheep and Goat Industry




          Hobby Farms has posted several FREE sheep and goat videos to their web site:

          • Bottle feeding a goat kid
          • Castrating a lamb
          • Correcting a lamb's position during birth
          • Docking a lamb's tail
          • Giving an injection to a lamb
          • Milking a doe with udder problems
          • Tube feeding a goat kid
          • Hobby Farms Videos   (great SAE magazine)
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            Shyanne Ovard Neighbor

            Thanks Stephanie! You have saved me a lot of time!