Julie Fritsch

NAAE FAQ: How Do I Pay my State Association Dues to NAAE?

Discussion created by Julie Fritsch on Dec 18, 2013

NAAE dues should be forwarded to the NAAE office as soon as they are collected. Most states collect dues during their state ag ed association conferences in the summer (some in the spring and some in the fall). It is important that dues be forwarded to the NAAE office as soon as possible so that there will be no lapses in professional liability insurance coverage for your members.

State dues remitters should submit a check for the dues along with a roster of the state's NAAE members. You may download a roster here.

Please include your state's life members on your roster as well, even though you will not be sending any additional dues payments for them. And, let us know please when you have life members that pass away or life members who retire and no longer wish to be listed on NAAE's active membership list.

You may submit dues at multiple times during the year. So if you collect some dues at your summer meeting, send those in to NAAE as soon as possible. Then, if you collect additional dues at a later time, send those dues in at that time. Please do not wait to send all of your state's dues in at one time. We need to keep the NAAE membership database as up-to-date as possible for professional liability insurance purposes and for mailings such as News & Views.


If you wish to compare the NAAE membership database with your state membership records, simply contact the NAAE office and we will prepare a current list of your state's NAAE members from the NAAE membership database.