Danielle Reeser

Facility Control

Discussion created by Danielle Reeser on Dec 3, 2013

I was very excited at the end of last year to learn that we would be getting a greenhouse for my agriculture program. I am a single teacher so I thought that I would get to call all of the shots on my greenhouse. I had a few discussions with my principal and superintendent and they expressed interest in wanting to see what other programs in our area had so I contacted ag teachers in our region to set up visits. The went without me to do the visits and decided what type of greenhouse was going to be built without consulting me. The head of our district facilities has total control of everything in the greenhouse as far as temperature settings and so on from his home computer. Then I thought I would get to select what would go in the greenhouse as far as benches and so on, but because our auto body students needed a project administration has decided that was a good idea for them. I started looking for places to buy plants and was told that I had to purchase from the local co-op because we would be selling back to them. This is my first job and only my second year of teaching, is this normal? I was so excited about this but now just the thought of this greenhouse gives me a migraine!!!!! Any advice of how I can take it back without making too many people mad? My students desperately want to have the chance to do something in the greenhouse but anytime we have gone out to even look at it the head of facilities tells them not to touch "his greenhouse" I need to build this program up!!!