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Project Based Learning

Discussion created by Amy Stephens on Sep 29, 2013
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I have recently taken a job at a new school who is very focused on all teachers participating in Project Based learning. I know that as ag teachers, most of what we do is considered project based learning. However, they want me to take it to another level, as they say. They want professionals brought in to view the final product in a presentation put on by the students. Do any of you all work for a school doing PBL's and if so, what kind of projects did you do? The only idea I have right now is for my construction class. We are supposedly getting a greenhouse in the spring so I thought about having them lay it out using a transit, put up batter boards, etc. but the only problem is we are not actually going to build the ourselves. At the end I could have a construction friend of mine come in and let the kids explain how/why they did what they did. We have to have one PBL per 9 weeks for each class. I teach construction, welding, and agriscience. Any ideas are GREATLY appreciated.