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Welding Skill Sets

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I was having no luck attaching these to a "reply."  However, here is the response to the questions from Jeff.


1.  We spent a great deal of time in the shop.  What the actual number was, I don't know for sure.  Different groups work at different paces, so I would normally identify a due date after they began working on their skill lists and I could gauge their pace.  The course was in our career center, so it met for 90 minutes per day all year. 

2.  I had print reading activities they had to do as well.  My process was to provide the required instruction then assign skills and print work in blocks.  This required students to manage their time.  If there was a day they didn't feel good or couldn't work in the shop, they still had their assignments.  If students pushed and completed their assignments early, that's when they could work on individual welding projects.  I didn't allow them to move on from a weld until they received an 85% or higher.  The only time a student had a score lower than that recorded was if the due date for a set was reached and they hadn't completed a better one.

3. See attached.