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Discussion created by Amanda Cook on Aug 10, 2013
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Before I started planning out my floriculture class for this fall, I realized that there isn't a ton of stuff on here as far as ready to use assignments and projects. (I am going on maternity leave the third week of school and needed things that my sub could teach/facilitate) So here is what I will be using this fall. Hopefully some of this will be helpful to someone out there looking for the same. Some I made from scratch, and some I modified from what I found on CoP. (The text I am using is The Art of Floral Design by Norah T. Hunter, Second Edition.)


*Edited 1/2020 to add link to google drive: Floral Design - Google Drive 


(I have received emails asking about course materials, and have uploaded everything to a google drive folder. Please feel free to use anything you deem useful! There are also lab/design instructions and pricing sheets for those looking for projects to do. If you have questions, email me at