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Understanding Science: How Science Really Works

Discussion created by Kate Shoulders on Aug 9, 2013

Agriculture Teachers,


I would like to share the following website with you: http://undsci.berkeley.edu/index.php


Anyone who takes a course from me or attends one of my workshops quickly learns how much I love this website! Why is it so great, you may ask? Well, I think it is one of the best, and most accessible, resources for helping teachers and their students understand what science is and how it really works. In my current position, I work a lot with pre- and in-service agriculture teachers to help them with STEM efforts in their programs, including student agriscience research projects. One of the things that I see over and over again is that most people, by no fault of their own, have an inaccurate picture of what scientists actually do to further our understanding about the natural world. This website helps non-scientists gain a more clear picture of the nature and process of science and has lots of resources for teachers who want to incorporate these ideas in their classes. Here is an overview of what you will find there:


*   Understanding Science 101: A primer on the nature and process of science. The reading level is appropriate for secondary students. I've attached a reading guide for the "How science works" chapters that I use with my  students and you are welcome to modify it for use in your own classes.

*   For teachers: Extensive collection of teaching resources and tips organized by grade band.

*   Resource library: An archive of articles, tutorials, interactive features, and more. This includes a great section on misconceptions.


Take a look, try something out in your class, and let us know how it goes!


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