Ben Meyer

Using the movie "Trading Places" to teach and show ag commodity trading

Discussion created by Ben Meyer on Jul 22, 2013

The movie "Trading Places" with Eddy Murphy and Dan Aykroyd is 30 years old and is an interesting way to teach ag commodity trading using popular culture. The trouble with showing the movie in class is it's rated 'R' status and all of the other parts of the story line that don't apply to ag education.

Now there are a couple of short radio clips that can help explain the chaos of the commodity trading floor that make a great partner piece to the last 10 minutes of the movie.  This website; What Actually Happens At The End Of Trading Places? : Planet Money : NPR takes a quick six minutes and does a nice job of explaining the trading process related to the movie and frozen orange juice concentrate.


This podcast dedicates a full half-hour to discussing the movie and the real life law that grew out of the movie, "The Eddy Murphy Rule"; a law against using illicitly acquired government crop reports to make market decisions.  Check out the podcast at: Episode 471: The Eddie Murphy Rule : Planet Money : NPR


FYI......the hosts of the podcast do use the he** word once or twice.


Awesome media to explain the complex world of commodity marketing!