Christie Joehl

Does anyone have good luck with student binders?

Discussion created by Christie Joehl on May 29, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by Trish Krug

I have tried the past 2 years to use student binders, but they seem to be unsuccessful and are just to "keep" items and not use them for studying/creating a portfolio, which is how I would prefer them to be used. I'm not organized enough to have them label all their papers with binder page # and categorize them accordingly, but looking for help/ideas? Should I just scrap the idea?


I attended a reading Common Core workshop that emphasized student portfolios where the assignment/student handout went on the left side of the page and the student "made" work went on the right side of the page. Students had to DO something with whatever the teacher gave him/her. This helped students see the meaning behind everything and required the teacher to hand out only meaningful materials that the students had to produce something with (write summary, draw graphic organizer, reflect, etc).  Again, difficult for me to put into practice.