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    Tool ID Manual

    Mike Spiess Champion

      Please see attached.   This is developed in an access database and I'm working on updating the database app to generate PPT slides as well.   While designed primarily as a CDE reference I find it useful as a reference in my methods class.   Any ideas on assignments that might help students learn tools?

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          Lezlie Durst Hero

          Don't know if this will help but a few things I am doing this year to involve students and technology are:


          1. Tool Scavenger Hunt- I give them a list of tools and they have to take a picture of the tool with their phones (you could use cameras). Then the images are downloaded in to drop box. This also works nice so I have an image database of tools in our shop. I just randomized my inventory log from the summer.


          2. QR codes. I have students make free Qr codes on QR Code generator - create QR Codes (for free) [logo, business card, vCard, t-shirt, mug] - goQR.me . They have to type in a description and rules/safety procedures for the tools. Then we cut them out and put them on the tool. Then I have the students do a safety scavenger hunt where they use their phone to read the QR code and fill in a description and safety for each tool.


          Don't know your schools policy on phones but my students really enjoy getting to have theirs in class.

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            Mike Spiess Champion

            I like these ideas.   I'll try with my pre-service class.