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Animal Welfare Debate Project

Discussion created by Renee Schweitzer on Mar 4, 2013
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Today, I had my students compete in a debate over animal welfare issues. Last week, the class was split into groups of 4 or 5, and each group was given a controversial issue related to animal welfare. The groups had to split themselves into two pairs, one that would be for the issue and one that would be against. Groups had a week to prepare, and then presented their material and debated back and forth, all while trying to get the audience to agree with them. At the end, the audience asked questions and voted on which group they felt best presented their side.


It went really well, so I thought I would share. The students really got into it.


I've attached my lesson plan, assignment, rubric, and two examples of student products.


The biggest thing I would add is a requirement to list sources (oops!).