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Regional Assessments and Test Specifications

Question asked by Chris Smith on Jan 18, 2013
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Recently I was selected to go to a regional assessment development seminar at my BOCES. We were writing regional assessments, or the test specs of the regional assessment that will be offered in June. What concerned me was every discipline was represented besides Ag(not suprised). I asked the presenter and my BOCES people what I should be doing then because my SLO will be in agriculture and most disciplines will now have a test besides agriculture. They realized this was a problem as we are supposed to be using state approved assessments


      I was wondering what other teachers were doing in the similar situations. When the BOCES reps asked me what I was doing this year and as everyone else I wrote my own test (something is better than nothing). I know the state has approved assessments like the NOCTI exam; however, those do cost money. Anyone have information on this at the local, regional, or state level?


Any info is great