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Question asked by Sarah Knutson on Jan 9, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2013 by Dana Donaldson

Our school is just a year in to our PLC work. This means, along with all of the regular school stuff, FFA activities, and new teacher challenges, I am also creating CRTs for all of my classes. I have 2 questions regarding this topic:


1. Has any one else developed CRTs for their classes. I am the only teacher in the department, so while all the other teachers are bouncing ideas off of each other, I am normally in my office preparing for upcoming FFA events and making other lesson plans.


2. Our school wants to start an intervention period during the day. Our school is set up as 7 periods, each 56 minutes long. I do like the longer periods!! We have periods 1-5 and then lunch, and then 7-8. We just started talking about ideas today for potential intervention time for students, and here are the main ideas: shorten the first 5 periods by four minutes and have a 20 minute intervention time right before lunch. We would name it something creative of course! All freshmen and sophomores would have to attend and juniors and seniors can "earn" their way by having good grades to not go and they could have a 20 minute longer lunch. This way, it is more or a reward for passing classes, than a punishment for not. We have about 120 kids in each grade level and the core teachers each teach a grade (one teacher teachers sophomore biology all day long). We are worried about putting added stress on to freshmen and sophomore teachers, as the senior teachers and teachers that teach advanced science and math classes and elective courses would not have many kids during their period. We have also thought about mixing the classes together with all grades, and that would offer some of the older kids to opt to stay in for lunch and help younger kids with homework. We also talked about having the kids teach something fun during this time (ballroom dancing, juggling, etc.) This would encourage kids to want to go and want to pass. Of course, there would still be kids that aren't going to care!


Do any of your schools do an intervention program like this? Does it work? What are things your school has done in the past to either make it successful or unsuccessful? Our principal told us today to talk to other teachers to see what is done in other schools, and I figured I would get no better help than here!!!!!


Thanks for any help!