Kristy Brubaker

IEP obersvation 3

Discussion created by Kristy Brubaker on Jan 8, 2013

Today I made a visit to Annville Cleona and observed four different class periods.  Two of the classes I observed were Animal Science courses. The animal science class was discussion animal behavior. Before the instructor of class began, students were taking a quiz that they were informed about the day before. For this quiz, Mr. Gettle read the questions allowed. I am assuming he did this because there were one or two students in the class whom needed the assistance but did not need to go to another room for aided help in taking the quiz. As the class proceeded, the students were watching videos about animal behavior. This course included students who were engaged in listening as well as busy messing around on their phones/computers and looking for other videos to contribute to the class. I think a good way to minimize the side conversations/ contributions would have been to allow students to find videos online that signify animal behavior. Have the students create a paper on the video they chose and what the behavior was/why it was occurring.

              I also observed the wildlife course which is the very last period of the day. The students in this course are mostly seniors and since it is the end of the day, they are very energetic and ready to leave for the day. It seems to be difficult to keep most of the students on track, especially when the students are paired in groups to complete assignments. Today the students in the wildlife course were given a worksheet to complete based on a reading they were assigned. Rather than reading the material the students just seemed to browse through the materials and answer the questions. Although it may seem like elementary style, I think if this situation were to arise again, I would use this as a “popcorn reading” day. Then the students would understand you are expecting them to read the material for future days and expect them to stay on task.
Mr. Gettle did a good job at keeping some of the students on track who were acting out by sitting by them and working with them to be sure they were doing the assignment rather than just cheating off of