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When to take Freshmen into the shop?

Question asked by Jessalyn Schrock on Dec 19, 2012
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Vay Jensen

I have a mixed class of freshmen and sophomores in my Ag I/Ag II.  This in itself is an issue but right now I am struggling with my freshmen who want to go into the shop but can't be trusted in the classroom, let alone in a room with tools that can do serious damage. They are pushing to go and think it is simply that they haven't taken the safety test.  I also have a student who seems to think all we do in Ag is go to the shop.   At what point have other people taken their freshmen out into the shop?  I have plans to go sometime after spring break but am wondering about getting them back on track after we do a unit in the shop.  Any advice would be great.