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Plumbing Project

Question asked by Amanda Hack on Dec 13, 2012
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Next semester my ag. mechanics class will be doing our plumbing unit. We will go over different types of materials available, joints, and how to connect the materials. I'm looking for a good project to do with my class. Last year my ag. mechanics class put together different types of pipe and tubing with a variety of joints so they could get the hang of how to connect all of the materials. This was all put together in the form of a square and we attached a faucet to the one end and a hose attachment to the other so we were able to hook it up to a sink to see if they had any leaks. This worked well but I'd like to have something more challenging and possibly a project that they could take home and use. Does anyone have any projects they do for plumbing or have any ideas of what I could do?


Also, I was able to find an old toilet that we can use in the shop. I was thinking about talking about the parts of the toilet assembly. Does anyone do anything like this and have anything you could share to help me?


Thank you in advance.