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    Food, Inc Final Project

    Amanda Mullins Hero

      foHello everyone I am looking for a final activity to do after showing my juniors and seniors the movie Food, Inc. I have small little activities that relate to each chapter of the movie. I would like for them to do an end of the movie activity. I am wanting it to be discussion based or debate like. I would like for them to take a side on the major issues of the movie. If you have something like that and wouldn't mind sharing it I would greatly appreciate it.

      Attached is an activity guide that I have pulled some stuff from for the small activities.



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          I use this video in my Food Science Class every year and love the discussion it generates.  Last year in my Ag I class to end out the year we did some debates which turned out really well.  We brainstormed a list of topics (pink slime, horse slaughter.....), then I had the draw cards to see if they were pro or con and what side of the issue they would be on.  I think this movie would lend its self to this type of activity really well there are many issues in the movie that would be great for debate farm subsidies, minimum wage, factory farms.  It's really interesting to see how a student handles the debate when they have to be on the opposite side as they actually believe.  I have attached a handout I used from one of my Ag Com classes at Mizzou and the they short powerpoint I used to get started.

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            Amanda Mullins Hero

            Thank you so much!!

            This will be a great help!


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              Brooke Jameson Thiel Neighbor

              I just got done showing Food Inc. as well and wanted my students to do a writing project. I put together a "response" paper where the students play the role of agricutlure advocate in response to the statements in the Food Inc. movie.


              I also did a graded discussion, instead of a debate (we do a lot of debates in this class and I wanted something different). Each student needed to discuss the movie at least 5 times throughout the course of the discussion. It was simply a completion grade since this was our first discussion. Future discussions will align with common core standards (just haven't gotten that far yet!!)  and we'll increase the difficulty. The students love debating and discussing! Definitely good to just a facilitator as well. As students completed their 5 discussions, they helped me facilitate by coming up with ideas to discuss as a class.

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                What activities did you do before showing the movie?

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                  Amanda Mullins Hero

                  I discussed the major topics with them prior to watching. Talked about our current food industry and its problems.I tried to help have an open mind and not to quickly react when things made them mad as they watched it. I stopped it alot to discuss each chapter.

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                    Brooke Jameson Thiel Neighbor

                    Michelle, we had just finished a unit on sustainability and were doing a lot of problem solving activities/discussions in regards to solving the world hunger problem and how that relates to agriculture. We were focusing on the importance of increasing food production but also using sustainable solutions in order to preserve the environment, etc. Since the students had a solid understanding of the issues facing agriculture today, they were able to determine that the practices suggested in Food Inc. will not successfully feed the world. I didn't brief them a lot before the movie, because I didn't want to influence their opinions too much. As a group, we de-bunked many of the myths discussed in Food Inc. after we watched it. If anything, before we watched the movie, I did a quick discussion/interest approach about the media and how the truth can be twisted so easily. An example would be to choose two articles about any agricultural topic (pasteurized milk versus raw milk) and find an article that supports each opinion. Students are then able to see that facts and information can be twisted to support any opinion- which is why we need to be critical of the information we receive on a daily basis (check the sources, check the research, check multiple sources, etc.). Once they had that mindset, we watched the movie. As they were watching, I had them write down things that seemed "fishy" or things they questioned. They then did research on some of those topics before their debates and their response papers so that they were able to back up their opinions with facts as well. The big thing I wanted to stress was that your opinion, no matter how right it is, cannot be proven without solid research and facts to back it up. Hope that helps!