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HELP! Officers are...

Question asked by Bryana Hamlin on Dec 6, 2012
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Killing me!!!


As a new teacher, I know I probably am harder on them than when I have a little more experience, but I am struggling with some of the officers on my current team. They are complacent, bad examples for underclassmen, NOT leaders, and are defiant. I have a handful that are GREAT and a handful that are followers, so I had an idea that I could have an officer workshop over christmas break that is voluntary and those who want to attend will be able to come to the school for a relaxed day of leadership training and teambuilding activities. Has anyone done this previously? Any other ideas on how to push them to actually perform as I know they can?  How do you deal with officers that are not technically breaking their officer contracts but they also are just not doing what they are capable of doing?



Ideas for the workshop: (Here's what I was thinking, anyone have thoughts? Suggestions?)

Brunch (have some snacks for them to have some relationship-building and just a fun thing to do)

Leadership Discussion (discuss how they feel "a perfect leader" would handle various situations)

Teambuilding Activity (human-knot, 2 truths and a lie, something along those lines)

Lunch (bring supllies for lunch and have them cook it together in the home ec room while working in teams for various parts of the meal, teambuilding)

Leadership Discussion (take the ideas from the morning and discuss how they could improve themselves to fit the leadership characteristics they came up with)

Guest Speaker (State Past President is alum of our school, have him come in and do an activity with them for a change of pace)

Dismissal (have them do an exit-survey that asks for them to make a pledge on something they can change)

Follow-up (every month have them review their pledge and make remarks on if they feel they have improved or not)