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Animal Habitat Activity

Discussion created by Jason Kaare on Nov 30, 2012
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I wanted to share an easy and fun activity I did with my animal science class recently during our small animal unit. We were talking about the proper habitat and environment for small pets including hamsters, rabbits and guinea pigs. We started out with a discussion on what small pets need to be healthy (food, water, exercise, ventilation....) For the activity, I had them create a small animal habitat out of newspapers. I got a wide range of habitats and some of them turned out really cool! I then chose the habitat that I felt was the most well done and that group received a free music download card I got for free at National FFA Convention.


Most of the kids seemed to really enjoy it. This activity gave them a chance to do something with their hands and made them really think about what the acceptable housing for a small companion animal should be like.


I have attached a picture of my winning habitat from the activity, compete with wheel, food dish, water bottle and house.