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7th grade, 8th grade, & Fundamentals?

Question asked by Michelle Sweeten on Nov 19, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2012 by Amanda Mullins

I am a new Ag teacher at a small school, that supports the ag program, but it is much smaller at this time than it should be. 


We have a 7th grade 6 week wheel course, so I do get see every student!! 


Then I have a semester long 8th grade course. 


This year they couldn't get enrollment up for fundamentals, so I have a study hall instead....


Then I have 2 ANSC courses (lots of warms seats looking for an easy grade)


& 1 ALS: Animals (small but great students!) They can get dual credit with Purdue.


The guidance is great..... but they just let students choose what courses they want, then I teach those courses.......


I want to get into some sort of the a rotation and would love to have a fundamentals course to use as a pre-req for animal science, food science, landscaping, nat res, and whatever I can get to go. 


But with having a history of struggling to get a fundamentals course, I've talked about trying to combine it with my 8th grade course, then we can do the creed & all of that  at that time.


So I guess I am looking for guidance on do I try to combine the fundamentals course & the 8th grade.... or do I push really hard for a fundamentals, and just know that my days will be filled with lots of basics?