Heidi Davis

NAAE Workshop: Lit Up With Technology

Discussion created by Heidi Davis on Nov 9, 2012

Hello all!  This is a quick plug for my workshop at the NAAE convention in Atlanta.  I plan on bringing oodles of ideas for incorporating easy technologies into the classroom and then adding those special sparks to really make your lessons light up critical thinking, skill building and SAE opportunities with middle and high school students.  From new ways to look at video clips to games and interactive lessons I hope to give you ideas you can use right away in your class with a minimum of input.  The vision I have for this workshop will be most successful if I have enough participants to stimulate discussion and generate ideas across many curriculum areas.  Please try to bring a laptop if you want to access sites as we work towards a more engaged class of students.

Let me know if you are interested or plan on coming.  Thank you!