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Funding to get to NAAE and other National Professional Conferences?

Question asked by Heidi Davis on Oct 21, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2012 by Paul Heasley

Hello everyone!  I have a question that I am hoping can help the next time I try to present at the NAAE convention....


How have you gotten funding for this and other National Conferences?


I am currently scheduled to attend the NAAE conference this year as a presenter.  At this time, the NAAE does not fund workshop presenters for any costs like hotel, airfare of conference registration....


In short, the local and state funding has come up dry.  In fact, at the state AAE meeting, most others were flabbergasted that this was the policy.  Their opinion was that if you are presenting a workshop, almost every other professional organization they had worked with covered those costs.  I am not here asking to debate this.  I knew this policy going in when I submitted my applicationso it is not a criticism of the NAAE.  I was hoping that the local level would have at least the funds to cover registration. My local district allowed me to take off the Friday I am presenting with PD leave but cannot fund any part of my trip as their policy is to only fund National PD if we have students attending the National FFA Convention as competitors at the National level.


What I need to know is how anyone else is funding to help offset costs.  At this point, I am taking the costs off my taxes, staying at the airport hotel in order to save money and currently debating on whether or not I should even register for the rest of the conference (at $350 for 24 hours I am not sure it is worth it).  Pointing me in the direction of any grants or such would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!