Ellen Thompson

Retaining Agriculture Teachers in Your Community

Discussion created by Ellen Thompson on Oct 17, 2012

Being an agriculture teacher is extremely demanding.  One key to retaining a quality agriculture teacher is helping them lighten the responsibility load.  Here are some great ways to support your local agriculture teacher:


  • Chaperone school trips and take responsibility for distributing necessary forms and contacts
  • Coach and coordinate Career Development Event (CDE) Teams.  Click here for a complete list of National FFA CDE's and rules.
  • Serve as a guest speaker.
  • Host a classroom tour.
  • Present to the school board information about the importance of the Ag Ed program.
  • Arrange media exposure for the ag program
  • Host an FFA Chapter meeting by coordinating the food and activities.
  • Work with the ag teacher to create a program wish list.  Distribute the wish list and help the ag teacher fulfill the list.
  • Offer to cater food for late night practices or events.
  • Coordinate shifts to help out during events or busy times (fruit delivery, clean-up days, retreats, field trips, landscaping projects, labs, etc.)
  • Develop promotional materials and handouts about the Ag program.
  • Work with the students to recongize the teacher throughout the year and show appreciate for all their hard work.
  • Help finance professional development opportunities for the teacher. 


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