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Need creative idea to get students to quit interrupting.

Question asked by Michelle Sweeten on Oct 12, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2012 by brad schott

Me, each other, all at once, you name it.  I cannot wait for this rotation of 7th graders to be done with.  Most are great kids but....... 


It's a constant fight to get through anything.  I've moved them around the room, may spread them out over the whole 27 seats?  there are 15 of them.  Probably 12 of them have issues.


I've considered changing the room up, but that would be a pain for this one class.  My room just doesn't lend itself to a circle type thing. 


I asked them to give me some ideas today, and the ideas ranged from a canoe paddle to be more fun and buying muzzles.


I do not have $$$ to buy them silly trinkets or candy. Do I have them write sentences? I've taken away time to work on group projects, talked to them individually.

I get one under control and someone else starts in.